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Got Serious IRS Tax Problems?

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Michigan Tax Attorney


            I am a tax attorney and I have been representing taxpayers with IRS liens and levies for years. Here is what I have learned:


            The IRS has over 100,000 employees and some very powerful computers. One of their primary jobs is to collect money from the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have tax liens. They don’t care how you got into this tax problem. They don’t care if it was through an audit or because you have unfiled tax returns. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they can just call the IRS, get somebody on the phone and solve the problem. That doesn’t not work.


            I know what you want, because I have represented hundreds and  hundreds of people in your shoes. You want the IRS problem solved. You want it off your back. You want it out of your life, so in a nut shell, here is what you do:

            You file an Offer in Compromise, or you file a Penalty Abatement to eliminate all the penalties, or you do something called a Partial Pay Installment Agreement or ……..and there are other options. The point here is that there are a limited numbers of options. There are only certain things you can do to solve an IRS problem. You have to know what they are and you have to know how to do them. To solve your problem, and get a really good result, you need someone with experience. Someone who does it every day. We help taxpayers just like you all across the country every day, and we have been doing it for years. What we need is information from two sources. We need the IRS file on you and we need your financial information. The IRS file will give us a lot of information on your specific tax problem which will help us to help you. Your financial information is important because the IRS is going to want it. It goes into their decision in what you qualify for, and what they are willing to do with you.

            Once we analyze all of that information, we can give you advice on what will work best for you. We figure out what will work best for you. Not for your neighbor or the guy down the street. Then we carry that plan through till completion.


            What I told you above really is the process that we go through to solve your IRS problem and eliminate your tax debt and your tax lien. Obviously, there are tons of details involved, but they all fall within the general outline that I set out for you above. If I tried to give you every detail here, you would probably go numb. If you want to discuss more of the details, call me, and I will be happy to do that with you. What I want you to understand is that there is a process that you need to go through. Most people never solve their IRS problem because they are not aware of the process and have no idea how to go through it. We solve real people’s IRS problems every day. There are hundreds of thousands of taxpayers in trouble (that’s why you see so many commercials on TV). We are a small office and our clients get individual attention. They also get good results. They get the IRS out of there life. If you are interested in getting the IRS out of your life, call me for a free consultation.