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Got Serious IRS Tax Problems?

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Pennsylvania Tax Attorney


            If you are looking at this web page that means you have an IRS problem and you have decided you finally want to get rid of it. Good for you. There are lots of web-pages out there. There are lots of companies with fancy slogans, big marketing budgets, and a whole bunch of salespeople. How do you decide who is right? How do you decide who can actually do what they say they are going to do?

             I am a tax lawyer. I limit my practice to helping people with IRS debt I have for years. I am not big on marketing slogans or catchy phrases. In fact, the whole idea of “marketing” is kind of new to me. But I get it, the only way for people of Pennsylvania with a tax problem to know that there is a real attorney out there, who limits his practice to helping people solve their IRS problems, is for us to do a little bit of marketing that is why we created this web page.

            If you are looking for somebody who has the most sophisticated marketing, then you should probably hire one of those big companies, with the big marketing budgets If you are looking for a real tax lawyer, who has years of experience in helping people solve their IRS liens and tax levies, get their liens removed, avoid or remove wage garnishments, then consider calling my office. We get the IRS out of people’s lives and here is how we do it:


            Maybe you have a tax debt because you were audited. Maybe you have an IRS lien because you were just not able to pay the taxes the IRS said were due. Regardless of the reason, or how you got into tax trouble. Here’s the process that we go through to solve people’s tax problem.


            The IRS keeps a file on every taxpayer in the country. I get a copy of that file from them, because it helps me to help you.

            Here are some of the things that I learned from that file (it’s known in the IRS world as the Master Transcript).

            1).        When does the Statue of Limitations expire on your tax debt? It is very helpful to know that, whether you are negotiating with the IRS or just creating a plan to solve the entire problem.

            2).        From that file, I can determine if, and when, you can discharge some of your tax debt in bankruptcy. No, I am not going to insist that you file bankruptcy, but again, it is very helpful to know if the debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy, because it can come into play in negotiating with the IRS.

            3).        In analyzing the transcript, I’ll learn and report to you how much of your tax debt is made up of penalties. This is important, because often times, penalties can be eliminated, saving you thousands of dollars. The IRS won’t just automatically eliminate your penalties. There is a process you have to go through and you have to know how that process works.


            I need a complete picture of your financial situation, such as assets, monthly income, and monthly expenses. It’s the same information the IRS is going to want from you, but I want to see it before they do. I can make recommendations to you, to put you in the best position before we begin negotiating with the IRS (if you are curious about the kind of information the IRS wants, just go to and look up the 433. Yes, there is a form for everything. It is the IRS after all).


            I analysis all of the above. Not for the average taxpayer, but for you specifically. Your world, your life, and your IRS file. Then I meet with you, and give you a plan of action that we can roll out to eliminate your IRS debt. Once we put the plan in place, the IRS is out of your life.


            Nothing. I am not keeping any secrets from you. This really is the process that we go through to solve your IRS problem. Of course, there are tons of details, but if I wrote out every detail I can think of on this webpage, your eyes would glaze over it, and you would go to sleep. If you want to discuss the details, I will be happy to give you more information. The process really is basic. We gather information from two sources, the IRS and you. When we have all of the information, we solve your IRS problem.


            When I tell you I am going to solve your IRS problem, what I mean is that I am going to get them out of your life. You won’t have to worry about them garnishing your bank account. You won’t have to worry about them hitting your wages with a tax levy. You won’t have to deal with a Revenue Officer calling you or coming to your home or business. This means your IRS problem will be under control and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Let me be more specific. For many of my clients, that means a settlement with the IRS for substantially less than what they owed. For some of my clients, they pay the settlement off immediately. Which means the IRS problem is gone, the debt is gone, and everything is resolved. Some of my other clients don’t have the ability to pay the settlement upfront so they stretch the payments out over a year or two years. But that payment is something that they can manage. It is an amount that they have agreed to, and it is an amount that ultimately pays off less than the total amount of tax that they owe.


1).        Settlements with the IRS (this is known as Offer in Compromise);

2).        Removal of tax liens and tax levies;

3).        Lifting wage garnishments;

4).        Audit Reconsiderations or Audits Appeals; and

5).        Penalty Abatement. The IRS term for removing and eliminating the penalties they’ve added to your tax bill.



            Once you have decided to get rid of your IRS problem, you need to find a tax lawyer that you can trust. Take a minute to review the videos on my webpage. They are all real people that I have helped. We are also happy to give you referrals from real clients who can discuss with you their experience in working with me.