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Got Serious IRS Tax Problems?

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            Once you have been slapped with an IRS lien, the IRS machinery goes to work to keep you in debt (it may not be intentional, but this is how it works). The reason for that is because the IRS keeps adding penalties and interest. The interest is not the big problem; the penalties are the real problem. Who cares what they call it. The bottom-line is that your debt grows faster than credit card debt. People often complain to me about how rude IRS Agents are, and other people would tell me that their IRS Agent is actually very nice. I understand why they say those things, but that’s missing the point because the “system” is the real problem. The IRS does not have anybody whose job is to help you settle your debt for less than you owe, or eliminate your penalties. Their employees’ jobs are to collect money from you. If you are dealing with a particular IRS Agent, they are not the ones adding penalties to your debt, the computers do it automatically. So whether they are nice or not, when they put you into a payment plan, they get to close their file (which is a measure of how they get graded) then move on to the next case. Meanwhile, you may be on a payment plan which you think is helping you, but the IRS computers are continuing to add penalties to what you owe.


            We are all human. We all want the easy way out. We all want the magic bullet. This is why big companies advertize with catchy slogans that make it sound like they have the miracle cure. There is no miracle cure. If you believe in a miracle cure, your problems will just get worse. The good news is there is a solution, and it is not even that painful. The solution is to do it the right way.


We solve your tax problem by doing the following:

            1).        We get a copy of your records at the IRS. The IRS keeps a file on every taxpayer in the country. Those records will help us to help you.

 How does it help us?

Well, there is a lot that goes into this, but in short here are a few tips:

Step 1

            The IRS has a Statue of Limitations on each year’s tax debt. We determine when that Statue of Limitations expires on all of your debt. Those records also help us determine if and when you can discharge your taxes in bankruptcy. Those records also tell us how much of your tax debt is penalties. Penalties can be abated or eliminated.

Step 2

            We need a picture of your financial situation, because the IRS will want it, and we want to see it before they do. It plays a big role in determining if you can settle your debt for less than you owe. We will ask you to fill out a form called a 433A. We will help you fill it out. It is the same form the IRS uses. We know the formula they use to determine if you qualify for a settlement. In fact, in May of 2011, they issued ruling making it easier to obtain settlements.

Step 3

            We analyze all the above, and come up with solutions that work for you. We walk you through it, until it is done. We do all the work. We shield you from the IRS. When we are done, you can finally be free from the IRS and all that worry.


            Do not fall prey to fancy slogans and big companies. Hire a real tax attorney, with years of experience and helping people with problems just like yours.