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Fighting the IRS is no small undertaking. When the full force of the government comes to bear against you, it can feel like you have no avenues of recourse to protect yourself and your assets, especially if you don’t fully understand the tax case they have filed against you.

We fight on your side

That’s why you need the help of an expert tax attorney. Len Stauffenger, Esq. is an Ohio attorney and counsel at law who can become the expert in your corner as you take on the behemoth IRS. This is especially important if the IRS has already accessed you with taxes penalties and interest and you’re now stuck having to pay thousands of dollars you simply don’t have or risk asset forfeiture to pay off your debt.

Fortunately, even after the IRS has assessed you and begun Collections (garnishments and levies) you still have time to fight back and protect your right. The staff at Len Stauffenger’s law firm can help you file the appeals needed to effectively fight back against the government.

We work as a team

The best part about our law firm is the small close-knit team we offer all our clients. Your file won’t get tossed from desk to desk, and you’ll never get the runaround when you’re looking for advice and answers. Instead, Len and his daughter Sarah manage the firm with a personal touch. That means you’ll have the access you need to ensure your tax case is resolved equitably, and you’ve found the right firm to fight on your behalf.

We know the intricacies of tax law

Appeals can take on different forms when it comes to tax law. First, an appeal can be filed as soon as an adverse decision has been made by the IRS against you. You must be very careful – you’ll have a tight deadline to observe within which your appeal must be filed. That means time is of the essence to have Len Stauffenger begin working on your behalf. The regulation-heavy government also has a particular way in which IRS appeals must be filed. Our firm can ensure that each appeal handled is done correctly the first time to avoid further penalties.

You can also file an appeal with the IRS once they have already placed a levy against your property or seized your assets. It’s not too late, even when the levy or seizure has already taken place. Contact us right away, so we can file an immediate appeal on your behalf. That appeal will be considered by an IRS appeals officer very quickly and you’ll have a decision within days.

Let our experience work for you

When it’s time to fight the government, you need every available advantage on your side to ensure the outcome doesn’t sink your finances or take away your assets. Len Stauffenger has more than 12 years of experience in tax resolution and has gone toe-to-toe with the government numerous times to protect his clients. Staff attorney Abby Fernandez also has the credentials to appear before the U.S. Tax Court and fight for your rights.

Contact the law office of Len Stauffenger today to discuss the tax issues you’re having with the IRS and learn about how to file any necessary appeals and successfully resolve your tax issues.