Tax Relief: How Does It Work?

Tax attorney Len Stauffenger and his firm have a proven track record of helping people solve their IRS problems. If you have a tax problem, he can help you get your life back on track. Here’s how the process works and how it benefits you.

We Handle the IRS

As soon as you hire Len Stauffenger to represent you, two things happen. First, we contact the IRS and tell them to leave you alone. All communication then comes directly to our office. That means the IRS can no longer call you or come to you in person regarding your tax issue. Next, Len and the rest of the team get to work on your particular problem.

We Resolve Your Issues in Timely Fashion

Len’s team can stop short-term problems, such as wage garnishment, in a day or two. For long-term problems, the process may take seven to nine months, but most of that time is spent waiting on the IRS. Our Stauffenger law office team typically finishes the bulk of its work in three months or even faster.

Time is not your friend when dealing with the IRS. Don’t wait to resolve tax issues – the longer you delay, the more likely you’ll end up spending money to fix the problem.

Tax Resolutions in Three Easy (for You) Steps

Here’s a brief summary of what Len does to resolve your tax issues.

  1. The first goal is to put any ongoing IRS proceedings on hold. Len files the necessary documentation and makes sure you continue to meet all legal requirements during the course of the investigation.
  2. Len’s team then reviews the IRS case against you to ensure the IRS hasn’t broken any federal laws. We check the statute of limitations and look for accounting errors that may have occurred. This results in a list of options that we present to you. Your choices might include asking for an Offer in Compromise, lien removal, or penalty forgiveness, or maybe you’ll choose to file an appeal.
  3. We present your case to the IRS with all the required forms and letters of intent, which we prepare.

While we are working your case, you can continue with your life with the relief of knowing that your tax issue is being taken care of.