Get Help with Your Payroll Tax Legal Issues

If you owe back payroll taxes on your business, the time to act is now. Maybe you had other financial commitments or as a new business owner you were still learning the ropes. For whatever reason, you didn’t pay your taxes on time, and now the IRS is on your trail.

Hire a payroll tax attorney to deal with the IRS

The IRS is aggressive once they decide to collect payroll taxes. Your unpaid taxes are inflated with penalties and interest. If the IRS decides your business can’t pay the bill, it goes after the responsible individuals. An experienced attorney can evaluate your situation and help you avoid asset seizures and bank levies while giving you time to arrange possible solutions.

How payroll taxes work

Payroll taxes are withheld from an employee’s’ paycheck by the employer and consist of Social Security, Medicare, and federal and unemployment taxes. Most states require employers to withhold a portion of an employee’s check for state income tax as well. The employer must ensure that the necessary taxes are withheld from employees’ pay. If the IRS finds out a business isn’t taking out enough money, the employer faces serious legal concerns, such as fines or jail time.

Which payroll tax issues can get you in trouble?

  • Filing taxes too late – Your payroll schedule is determined by the amount of taxes you must deposit. The IRS expects payments to be made in time whether you are monthly or semiweekly. Unemployment taxes are usually paid on a quarterly basis.
  • Keeping inaccurate records – Accounting errors may cause you to underestimate the payroll taxes due. The IRS may offer a one-time forgiveness for inadvertent mistakes but willful neglect and intentional fraud carries stiff penalties.
  • Borrowing money from collected payroll taxes – The IRS prosecutes individuals that intentionally divert payroll taxes to their personal use. Even if you plan to pay it back as soon as your business recoups revenue, it is still considered fraud.

Skilled legal defense

If the IRS approaches you with questions on payroll taxes, contact the law offices of Len Stauffenger, Esq. We break down the scenario clearly in plain English to make sure you understand what’s going on. The important thing is not to wait. The faster you get your defense going, the better off you’ll be, since the fees and penalties can be quite steep.

For an effective legal defense as tough as the IRS, call Len Stauffenger, Esq, at 888 (259-2165), or fill out our online form for more information about how payroll taxes work. We’d love to see you in our Stow, OH, law offices to discuss your case.