Are You Entitled to the Earned Income Tax Credit?

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According to IRS Commissioner, Doug Shulman, “the EITC provides a financial boost for millions of hardworking Americans, but people can easily overlook this important credit.”   The amount of earned income credit you receive differs depending on your income, your filing status, and the size of your family. Dr. Harris believes that 1 out of 5 people who are eligible to claim the earned income credit do not receive it, because they did not claim it or did not file their tax return at all. They could go to the IRS web-site, and they would help you determine if you are eligible for the earned income tax credit. The web-site is -Use the EITC user assistance. As a general rule, the earned income tax credit is for those who earn less than $49,079.00 from wages, self employment for firm income last year. But if you are eligible for this credit, chances are you will increase your tax refund. Even if you do not owe tax, you can claim a tax refund with the EITC. In order to make a claim for the EITC, you must submit a tax return and make a claim for it.



            1).        You can go to and use the free file function of the IRS. Their software allows you to prepare your returns and claim the credits and deductions you are eligible for.


2).        Alternatively, search out a volunteer income tax assistance and tax counseling for the elderly. Locate a VITA, or TCE site near you. Call the IRS at 1-800-906-9887, or you can also go directly to the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center. Those centers are located also on the IRS website.