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You don’t have to be trapped by an ever growing IRS debt.

Are you looking for a Detroit tax attorney to help you with IRS tax liens and levies?  Attorney Len Stauffenger has been representing individuals and businesses in the Detroit area for years.  In fact, Len now has an office in Bingham Hills on Telegraph Road to make it easier for his clients to meet with him.  A meeting with Len doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to Bingham Hills, although it can be arranged with a phone call if that’s what you would like.  The choice is yours.

Are your tax problems growing?

If you have an IRS problem you are not alone.  The IRS estimates there are over 850,000 people with tax liens in this country.  Many people with IRS problems put off dealing with it.  You know the IRS keeps adding penalties and interest to your, debt which only makes the problem grow.  Don’t make the mistake of lumping “penalties and interest” together.  Most people think that it’s like interest on a car loan – that’s a big mistake.  The interest is manageable; it’s the penalties that hurt.  In most cases your debt will grow faster than credit card debt.  It doesn’t matter what the IRS calls it, the total that you owe often adds up faster than you can pay it.  Many of my clients enter into IRS payment plans before they meet me and find out they owe more now than when they started making the payments.  Fortunately, there is some good news.  You can solve your IRS problem.

Put the IRS behind you.

You really can solve your IRS problem.  It’s not magic.  The first step is simply to call us to get help.  We explain to you what options are available to you.  We outline what is good, or potentially bad, about each option, and then we create a detailed plan to work out your problems with the IRS.  Finally, we put the plan in place and lead you through it.


Dealing with the IRS is not easy.  Pick up the phone and call someone who has been through the very problems you are dealing with right now.  Whatever you are going through, we have dealt with it many, many times before.  Take advantage of our experience.  You can meet with Len (either in person or over the phone).  The consultation is free and it’s confidential.  Let him answer your questions.


Take back your peace of mind.


Find out how you can get the IRS out of your life and get back your peace of mind.  Get professional help from someone with years of experience in dealing with the IRS.  Just call toll-free (888) 582-4989 to learn how.