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If you get a letter from the service telling you they want to audit you at your home or business then you have been chosen for a field audit. A field audit is serious business. As opposed to office audits or correspondence audits…..less serious….. Field audits Usually result in tax bills that are 8 to 10 times larger than correspondence audits.

Local IRS audit managers decide who gets a field audit. The lucky folks with the highest likelihood of getting a field audit are the self-employed, Or taxpayers with unusually complex tax returns.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be an auditor. Be polite and ask them to send you a notice in writing.

Once you receive the notice – a letter…. It will set a date for the audit or it will ask you to call in and schedule it. The notice will usually attach a list of what the service wants you to bring to the audit. But keep in mind that in the field audit a revenue agent can probe into anything on your tax return as well as your personal and financial life.

Also keep in mind that there is a taxpayer Bill of Rights. You have a say in when and where the audit should be held.

Keep in mind that the auditors primary goal is to find 1. unreported income. And 2. Personal expenses which you have claimed as business deductions.

I strongly recommend you have professional help to get to thru an audit.
If for some reason you’ve already been through the audit and you’ve got some results that you don’t like you are eligible to ask for an audit reconsideration.