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Most folks know that when the government shutdown last month the IRS was also closed. A lot of people this bought them a short reprieve. For two and half weeks there were no revenue officers chasing you there were no collection letters going out from IRS. Life was better Now the IRS is back in gearing up. I work with the IRS everyday the biggest problem I had when the iris was shut down was that the part of the IRS that I Negotiate settlements with. Was also shutdown. Now the IRS is back. If you owe them money the bad news is They are moving faster than ever to collect from taxpayers. The good news is they’re back in the business of settling tax debts also. Just last week I represented a couple from western Pennsylvania who the IRS $114,000. Most of the IRS settlement officers work out of New York (state) And this was no different. We eventually settled the debt for $10,000. (Yes, the service wiped out $104,000 Of delinquent tax debt).

Settlements don’t work for everyone. just today I talked to A man in michigan who wanted me to get him a tax settlement . Unfortunately he did not qualify for a settlement . (To be perfectly honest I told him “I’d love to take your money but I’m not going to do that unless I can help you’) He didn’t qualify because he had a whole Lotta money in the bank and over $300,000 of equity in his house. The situation is very rare. To determine if you qualify for settlement you need to talk to tax attorney who thoroughly understands all Of the IRS rules and regulations. Don’t be fooled by salesman Make it sound like it’s ‘automatic’.

The IRS makes deals with taxpayers everyday. We do it in our office on weekly basis.
Now that the IRS is back in business they are also back to making settlements.

I have helped hundreds of people get rid of the IRS once and for all.
There is a reason I give people a 30 minute free consultation. It’s simple really, in 30 minutes or less I can tell them if I can help them. As I said above I can’t Help everyone. But most of the time I can. And often, the results are dramatic.. If you’d like to ‘meet’ a few of the people I’ve helped We have started to put some of their videos on YouTube and you can hear directly from them