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This is the first government shut down to occur in 17 years, potentially affecting up to one million government workers. What this means to the average consumer is closing of national parks, stalling medical research, devaluation of our 401ks and new mortgages backed by the government. There will be no effect on mail delivery or payment processing at any government agencies, payment of Social Security Benefits and due to a bill signed into law late on September 30th our military personnel will receive normal pay.

The shutdown is spearheaded by the Tea Party in Congress over the dissatisfaction on implementation of Obamacare. The shutdown did not affect open enrollment under the new health care law. Federal workers were told to report in on October 1st to change email and voice mail messages, they are to leave government issued computers and cell phones in a secure location within the office.

From the side of the Internal Revenue Service, payments will be processed as normal, tax returns that are eligible for electronic transmission will still be able to be sent. Other than payment processing, anything that requires human intervention will be on hold until the shutdown is resolved. At this time we do not know if any delays will transpire with the upcoming tax season, it does depend on the length of the shutdown. We at IRS Help LLC can still move forward in compiling your paperwork for your Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement and submit the paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service.

Now is a good time to get your IRS problem resolved.
We don’t know when, but eventually the politicians will ‘start’ the government again (no doubt there will be many photos of them patting each other on the back).
The IRS will then feel the need to ‘catch up’ which means they will be aggressive and moving fast.