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If you have IRS debt you have probably already been through the local phone book and you haven’t been able to find a tax attorney that concentrates on helping folks with IRS problems.  You have likely been getting phone calls from big companies, out west, who make you big promises in order to get your money.  But something about them doesn’t feel right.  They’re mostly just salesman on the phone (not tax attorneys).  But the truth is, if your local Huntington tax attorney doesn’t have daily experience with the IRS you may be doing yourself more harm than good.  When you have an IRS tax lien or levy you’re in a high stakes game (very few people understand) where the IRS can take your money and assets.

My name is Len Stauffenger and we help people with IRS tax problems all across the mid-west and we have been doing so for years.  Solving IRS problems is the entire focus of my practice.   People have driven hundreds of miles to Akron or Columbus to take advantage of my experience.  The good news is you don’t have to do that.  You can have a free consultation, right over the phone, just by calling (888) 582-4989.  I’ll answer your most pressing questions.  It doesn’t matter if you’re being threatened with a wage garnishment or a bank levy.  Whatever your situation is I can help you.

Some problems in life will go away if you ignore them long enough.  Unfortunately, IRS problems are not like that.  They simply don’t go away by themselves.  In fact, they just get worse because the IRS continually adds new penalties and interest to your bill.  Worse, the IRS has you ‘on the clock’ and waiting just increases the odds of ‘enforcement’.  (Enforcement is the word the IRS uses when what they really mean is taking your money or your things).  IRS problems put a burden on you emotionally because they’re always in the back of your mind.  I know this because hundreds of clients have told me, “I just kept putting it off until I just couldn’t take it anymore”.

If you are ready to solve your IRS problem and get back your peace of mind, call me at (888) 582-4989.  The call is free, and I will help you see how you can finally stop worrying about the IRS.