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If you’re struggling with IRS debt there’s a good chance you have already been through your Indiana phone book to find local help.  It makes sense.  A local tax attorney means a short drive.  It sounds like the right decision, but is it?

What if your Indiana tax attorney doesn’t have experience solving IRS debt problems on a daily basis?  The easy choice may be the wrong choice.  The IRS practice is very specialized for the tax attorney.  But more than that, there are different kinds of tax attorneys.  If you needed a specialized medical procedure you would want a doctor who performs that procedure on a daily routine basis.  Likewise, you want a tax attorney who works with IRS problems on a daily basis.  For years Len Stauffenger has been helping people across Ohio and the mid-west with their IRS problems.  His ability to solve IRS problems has inspired many taxpayers to travel to Columbus, Ohio to resolve their tax issues.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel from Indiana to Columbus to get help from an attorney who deals with the IRS every day.  Just call (888) 582-4989 and you can get advice from a tax attorney who spends each day working on IRS problems and IRS problems only.  It doesn’t matter if you’re being threatened with bank levies or wage garnishments or an IRS official has come knocking on your door.  I have dealt with every imaginable IRS situation, many times over, that’s the value of experience.

The very things you fear are issues we deal with on a daily basis.  It’s understandable that taxpayers are afraid of a wage garnishment.  The IRS can take the majority of your paycheck.  We have worked with the IRS to lift wage garnishments countless times.  We deal with IRS garnishments and tax levies every day.

Don’t wait until the IRS garnishes your wages or freezes your bank account.  Once you have a tax lien you are literally “on the clock” and when your number comes up the IRS will take enforcement action against you.  But you can stop that.  The longer you wait the bigger your problem.  Make one phone call, to a dedicated tax attorney, and bring your IRS problem under control.

Call Len at (888) 582-4989 and see how easy it is to resolve your IRS debt with the help of a trained professional.