IRS Taxpayer Advocate is There to Help the Taxpayer

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Believe it or not the IRS has an independent department known as the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate which is an independent part of the IRS and its job is strictly to assist taxpayers dealing with the IRS. The Taxpayer Advocate is usually helping taxpayers who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of their IRS problem. The Taxpayer Advocate can step in on your behalf to help you with your financial hardship or even in getting the IRS to respond to your requests for information or help. The Taxpayer Advocate is available to individual taxpayers as well as business taxpayers. There is no secret that one of the biggest problems in dealing with the IRS that it’s a huge bureaucracy. Unless you have a revenue officer assigned to you, you will continually get different people at the IRS when you call. One of the biggest benefits of the Taxpayer Advocate service is that you will be assigned one person to your case until your issue is resolved. That alone will relieve some of your anxiety in dealing with the IRS. You can contact the Taxpayer Advocate by going to and click on the Taxpayer Advocate link.

Keep in mind that the Taxpayer Advocate is not going to solve your IRS problem. The Taxpayer Advocate is a temporary help for frustrating situations, so if may be a temporary solution for you. When you are ready to get the IRS out of your life for good you need an experienced IRS tax attorney.