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You may think there isn’t anything you can do about your growing IRS debt.  If you feel that way, it’s only because you haven’t found the right person to help you yet.  Putting the problem off just makes it worse.

You don’t have to lose sleep.  We can help you get rid of your IRS debt, even if you live in Memphis.

My name is Len Stauffenger and my tax practice is focused entirely on IRS debt cases.  Whether you’re looking for an Offer and Compromise, the removal of a wage levy or the removal of a tax lien to help you sell your home, we have handled all aspects of IRS debt resolution.  My staff and I are dedicated to getting IRS clients out of trouble.  We have helped clients in Memphis and nationwide to reduce or eliminate their IRS debt, without stepping foot in my office.  In fact, the majority of my clients have never been in my office.

I often tell people I don’t have a magic wand, we can’t just make the debt disappear.  However, we do know the options that are available to you.  We know how to determine which of those options are best suited for your particular situation.  We do an individual analysis for every one of our clients.  We determine the pluses and minuses of all the options.  Beware of anyone making outrageous promises to you.  You should look for competent, caring, professionals who work on IRS problems every day.  We’ll take on your problem until it’s resolved.  Your phone call to me is absolutely free.  It’s a toll free call, you have nothing to lose.  And, by this time next week, you could be well on your to resolving that IRS problem once and for all.  You can clear your debt without ever having to leave Memphis.

The call is free.  Don’t wait any longer call me at (888) 582-4989.  You have no obligation to me but, you will get back your peace of mind.