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I have repeatedly been asked by tax professionals (tax lawyers, accountants, and tax preparers) if Offer in Compromise is for real. In fact many of them tell me they have heard it is impossible to get a deal from the IRS. For those of you just tuning in an Offer in Compromise is by far and away the best way to reduce your outstanding tax debt with the IRS. If you’d like a primer on it go to the videos at my website or on Youtube. Here in my office we’ve been utilizing the Offer in Compromise process for almost 10 years in order to reduce – drastically reduce – taxpayers’ outstanding debt.
You’ve heard the old saying “everyone’s situation is different”. It is important to remember that your facts will determine your outcome; however, in reviewing the last 12 months we have reduced our client’s tax bill by an average of slightly more than 90%. That’s right, on average our clients wiped out their entire tax debt by paying about 10% of what they legally owed the IRS. Just last week Sherry M. of Boardman, Ohio drove to my office to give us a video testimonial (which you can see on our website) and we appreciate Sherry’s enthusiasm and gratefulness to us. The reason Sherry came over for the testimonial is because we were able to reduce her husband’s tax debt to the IRS from $75,255 to $2,000. His tax lien was lifted and the IRS is completely out of his life.
As I’m writing this I am scheduled to meet with Mr. and Mrs. P of Copley, Ohio who owed $137,000 and we were able to reduce that bill to $12,500. As a side note – I don’t include last names to protect my clients’ privacy. I also want to make it clear to you we do not in any way insist that people give us videos, we simply ask and most folks are happy to do so but many politely refuse and we are okay either way.
The reason I write about these success stories is to give hope to the people out there with tax debt. Even though we’ve been doing this for literally years (we get settlements every week) I tend to forget that each and every month thousands of people in this country get hit with a tax lien filed by the IRS for the first time. They then begin their search to try and figure out how to fix their problem.