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Are you having trouble finding a Pittsburgh tax attorney with IRS experience?


IRS problems are serious.  They weigh on your mind, everyday, and because of IRS additions, they continually grow.  If you’re like most of my clients you are worried about when the IRS will target you.  You wonder if it’s safe to keep money in a bank account or if will they attempt to garnish your wages.


How would a garnishment affect your employment?


Worrying about what the IRS might do is no way to live your life and yet many people think they don’t have a choice.  They don’t know what options are available to them, nor can they find a tax attorney who has a lot of experience in solving IRS problems.  We deal with the IRS every day.  We’re not a big company who will call you and harass you.  We are two lawyers and four paralegals and we work on resolving IRS problems every working day.  You can come to Ohio to meet with Len personally to discuss what options you have to solve your IRS problems, at no cost to you.  Or, you can schedule a phone appointment.  The important thing is you need someone in your corner that you are comfortable with, and who has helped hundreds of other people with their IRS problems.


Does it make sense to get help from an Akron tax attorney?


Obviously, the decision is yours.  There are many excellent Pittsburgh attorneys and CPAs and they have their specialties, but it is very difficult to find one who works with the IRS on a daily basis (regardless of where their office is).  You may have already talked with a Pittsburgh-based tax attorney or CPA, and discovered they aren’t quite sure how to deal with your IRS problem.


Experience really does matter.  The IRS is a huge bureaucracy guided by countless rules, regulations and guidelines.  If you are trying to find someone to help you solve your tax problems you should look for someone who deals with resolving IRS problems on a daily basis.


Would you like to get your life back and stop worrying about the IRS?


Then, call us toll-free (888) 582-4989, or sign-up today on our website for a free consultation.  Please don’t wait for your tax problem to get worse.  You have nothing to lose.  You can meet with Len in person or you can talk with him on the phone.  Either way there is no cost to you and it’s the first step in getting the IRS out of your life.