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The IRS just announced on June 11 that it is looking to hire a full-time supervisory diversity and inclusion specialist at its national headquarters in Washington D.C. Starting salary is $123,758 a year. They list that as the minimum salary so it could be more.

The posting states that the diversity specialist will “serve as a change agent to provide strategies, solutions, training, tools, resources and thought leadership on diversity and foster inclusion” across the workplace and “build internal awareness” for diversity and inclusion throughout the agency.

Job duties include resolving complaints from employees and effecting minor disciplinary measures. The salary range is from $123,758 to $155,500 plus a very generous benefit package. The job listing describes the specialist as providing “expertise to problem solve, design, and deliver business-unit-wide diversity and inclusion solutions.” I’m not making this up. This is the actual listing posted by the IRS. Keep in mind they are listing this position while they are being bombarded for their misdeeds and wastefulness.

I have a rule: When I am blogging I try to keep my opinions out of it. I’m by nature not politically correct so I just report things as they are, but I can’t help but chuckle at some of the things our government does. The posting continues, “At the IRS, you will use your skills in accounting, business, finance, law enforcement, information technology, advocacy and more to help make America stronger.” No minimum education level is listed and it says, “No prior federal experience is required.”

The more I read the posting, the more I am sure that eventually a stand-up comedian will take advantage of it. The posting also requires, “At least one year of specialized experience” and the successful applicant will have a “thorough knowledge” of the circumstances associated with diversity and inclusive issues.” Still, there is more. The candidate must understand “the views, values, perspectives of diverse demographics including, but not limited to, generations, veterans, virtual and remote employees, mixed race employees, religions, and internal and external employees.”

It’s probably best if I just end this blog post right here.