The Mediator of Between the Sued and the IRS

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When there is a crime related to failure of paying taxes, there is one person to call for justice, it’s the IRS attorney. These IRS attorneys are professional lawyers who are hired by the IRS or by individuals who are being sued by the agency. The Internal Revenue Service or IRS is a government agency responsible for the collection of taxes in the US. They hire these lawyers to bring the accused person to the court and prove him guilty of any tax crimes he committed.

IRS attorneys are not only allies of the IRS but also of the accused person. As lawyers, they can be hired by the accused individual to ask for their help or to prove to the court that they are innocent of the crime they were in. They will be the defendant of the accused party, resolving any tax problems like tax evasion or tax fraud. They will be the representative of the accused person and the negotiator between the two parties. Since tax crimes are serious matters, a professional IRS attorney is really necessary to mediate, negotiate and arrange repayment plans and bankruptcy deals in behalf of the accused.

To have a smooth negotiation between the two parties, a highly professional IRS tax attorney is needed. This would ensure the success of both of the party’s resolution and agreement. Having an expert IRS attorney isn’t easy. To be an expert in taxes and laws, he must have the qualifications to be one. To enumerate the few, an IRS attorney must;

  1. Have a jurist doctorate degree, also known as J.D or a law degree;
  2. Passed the state bar and become a license attorney; and
  3. Specialize highly in specific areas of the tax law, like estate planning, employment taxes and IRS issues.


The IRS attorney would be responsible for the flow of the tax case the IRS sued upon the accused individual. Any development or failure on the case depends on the performance of the IRS attorney. So, if you are the sued person, you would prefer to choose a highly experienced IRS attorney that you could depend and ask for some advice.