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Several weeks ago I wrote blog entries about the new rules issued by IRS making it easier to settle your tax debt for less. In case you missed those Articles, there is a lot of details in there about how the rules change, but suffice it to say that the IRS has dramatically reduced the amount of money they are willing to take in order to settle a taxpayer’s debt. In some cases, they have reduced the amount by as much as 75%. Many people have asked me why the IRS has made these changes. The truth is I don’t really know why. I have some theories and some ideas, but I don’t really know. Truthfully, the why of it is not that important, what’s important is that they are in fact, settling more and more taxpayer’s debt. It is not just a theory. We’ve seen it in our practice. We have always had a high rate of success in settling tax debts, but over the last two months, almost every offer we have negotiated has resulted in a settlement, which amounted to a fraction of what the taxpayer owed.

Also, significance is the fact that the IRS is using the new rules on offers which were submitted before the new rule went into effect. This is significant because when the rules first came out, many of the Offer Specialists said they would continue to apply the old rules on offers submitted before the effective date of the new rule. In our practice what we’ve seen is that almost every Offer Specialist is applying the new more lenient rules in order to settle the offer.

The Bottom-line is it has truly never been a better time to settle your tax debt then right now. As long as these new tax rules remain in effect, the IRS has given taxpayers a huge gift.

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