What Do Nicholas Cage and Leona Helmsley Have in Common?

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Both of them owe the IRS millions. Nicholas Cage is an Academy Award Winning Actor.  He has made tons of money. He made over $40 million dollars in 2009. Unfortunately, he has trouble keeping it. Initially, the IRS reported he owed more than $6 million dollars and that number later jumped to $13 million. I guess no matter how much you make you can always spend it. He has 15 houses, 4 yachts, and a golf stream jet. The IRS has auctioned off a few of his houses.

Leona Helmsley-who was famous for being a Billionaire Hotel Airiest. In 1986, she was charged with income tax evasion. She was turned in by contractors that she did not pay. She is sort of famous for her quote where she told her house keeper “we don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes.” She was convicted and fined $7 million dollars and sentenced to 4 years in Federal prison.