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Most people who owe the IRS back taxes Simply cannot pay the entire tax bill. And most of them tell me “I’m broke what can I do?”

1. Don’t ignore the problem. If an agent has called you, Call them Back. If you received a notice Respond to it. If you still don’t want to do this then I have someone to represent you. The internal revenue service has many tools to use to make your life miserable. They will use those tools if you are ignoring them. It will start with a tax lien. They will then move to tax levies. They can then move on to property seizures. They will also continually had penalties and interest to your debt The first step in avoiding all of this unpleasantness Is to respond to the Internal Revenue Service.

2. Fire missing tax returns. The IRS views all taxpayers as either complaint or Non-compliant. If you have not filed your tax returns then you are a non compliant taxpayer Which leads to bad things. Once you begin to file missing tax returns The IRS looks upon you more favorably. If you have not filed for several years and feel overwhelmed. Start by filing the most recent tax returns first.

3. Pay the IRS before you pay other creditors. You are almost always better off paying the IRS first. IRS debt grows faster than credit card debt. And the service has more power to take away your assets And your income.

4. Negotiate with the service. There are ways to get rid of the penalties you have been hit with. You can also negotiate a settlement with the IRS To pay less than the total amount you owe. This is known as an offer in compromise.

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